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If you are a freelancer, this template is made for you.

You can see an overview of the template here :

I am a Notion expert, and I have built this Notion over the months to manage my business. It allows me to:

  • Organize my projects effectively.
  • Assign specific tasks to each project.
  • Benefit from a clear CRM and get notified when I need to follow up with a prospect or client.
  • Achieve my goals by breaking them down into measurable key results.
  • Organize my social media content strategy using an efficient system.
  • Easily track my finances.
  • Stay constantly informed through personalized research including videos, articles, LinkedIn posts, etc.
  • Manage my resources and knowledge.

All of this is organized in a clear, concise, and user-friendly space. This Notion template has revolutionized the management of my freelance business, and I am confident it will do the same for you.

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